How we manage money

Selecting Suitable Intestments

Agree Strategy

The wealth management strategy is designed to meet your needs wherever you are in the financial planning cycle:-


              Wealth Creation Phase              Pre Retirement Phase            Post Retirement Phase

To identify the most appropriate investment strategy and solutions for you, we carefully assess your attitude towards investment risk in a variety of ways, including the use of a risk profile system.

We are highly skilled at reaching a real understanding of your individual risk profile and incorporating this into an overall financial plan tailored specifically to you.

We explain clearly the risks associated with the various investment options available to you.

Asset Allocation Strategy

Creating the best mix of investment types in which you invest is a critical factor affecting both the level of risk and the likely returns that may be achieved over the long term.

We use a variety of multi asset funds and investments to ensure that the returns are maximised whilst ensuring that the risk profile remains within the agreed parameters.

We use a graphic illustration, so that we can clearly demonstrate the various potential outcomes of different options adopted.

This all ensures that you are well informed about the portfolio and you can measure results against predicted outcomes as the plan is rolled out.

Selecting Suitable Investments

As a regulated impartial financial advisor we can provide you with totally unbiased advice on the most suitable investments to assist you in achieving your financial goals.

Our robust research aims to identify the most suitable investments and collective funds that can deliver consistent risk adjusted returns.

We focus on cost-effective, after-tax results, recognizing that the only performance that matters is the kind you actually receive.

Buckley Kiely Wealth Management has no conflict of interest when it comes to managing a client’s finances.

We steadfastly refuse to offer our own branded investment products which could create a conflict of interest.

We are happy to recommend active or passive funds, recognising that both strategies have a role to play within a portfolio.

Wealth Management Options



Platinum Wealth Management  

  • Designed for clients who want a fully integrated financial plan that ensures they have the right overall financial strategy to optimise and protect their overall financial position.
  • Up to 4 face to face review meetings per annum with your advisor including a reassessment of your financial strategy and current circumstances
  • Monthly portfolio reporting and valuations



Gold Wealth Management

  • Designed for clients that want a fully integrated financial plan, do not need or wish to have a regular service although may refer to us from time to time for specific matters at an additional charge on those occasions.
  • Yearly face to face review meeting with your advisor including a reassessment of your financial strategy and current circumstances
  • Quarterly portfolio reporting and valuations



Bronze Wealth Management

  • Designed for clients who require a single piece of advice in a specific area, who do not need/want a fully integrated financial plan.


Review Meeting Agenda

  1. Changes to client circumstances
  2. Review of current and future financial objectives
  3. Summary of investment performance since last review
    •  Key drivers to performance
    •  Summary of economic performance and outlook
  4. Review of client attitude to risk, appetite for and tolerance to risk
  5. Discussion of suggested changes to investment
  6. Review of mortgage and protection needs
  7. Review of inheritance tax position and estate overview
  8. Action Plan

What clients say?